Did you know that rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter?

Or that those cute little squirrels in your backyard have incisor teeth strong enough to damage structural beams.

Big or small, cute or ugly, we don’t discriminate. We’ll take care of any pest that’s giving you a hard time. We’re experienced with rats, mice, cockroaches, raccoons and many more.

We guarantee our pest control methods are efficient and eco-friendly. We’ll find the best solution for your specific case.Our technicians have a great understanding of entomology and wildlife to help them make the best decisions and ensure permanent solutions.

We use humane methods for the removal of bigger animals, relocating them to a safer environment so that they’re out of harm’s way. We’ll make sure any entry point gets closed and secured, preventing pests from re-entering.

Here are the most common animals and insects we see and a few more fun facts about them:

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Mice Mouse

The number of rats throughout the city is quickly increasing. They are larger than mice and their size ranges from 4 to 11 inches long. Despite being larger, they are flexible enough to enter through holes and cracks as small as a quarter. Like mice, they urinate wherever they walk and each one leaves 25-50 droppings a day. Not only can rats physically destroy parts of your home by gnawing on wiring and through walls and insulation, they can transmit disease through their feces, urine, and saliva.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Rat

Mice can enter your home or building through cracks and holes as small as 1/4″. Once inside, each female can reproduce up to 35 young a year. Mice urinate wherever they walk and each one leaves 50-75 droppings a day. Not only can mice physically destroy parts of your home by gnawing on wiring and through walls and insulation, they can transmit disease through their feces, urine, and saliva.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Squirrel

Armed with ever-growing incisor teeth, squirrels can easily chew into your home and destroy wiring, insulation, plumbing, and even structural beams. Knockout Pest Control uses humane methods to remove the squirrels for good. Once the squirrels are gone, we repair and seal the entry point properly.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Skunk

Skunks are burrowers and will dig holes under a shed, in a garden, or even under your front steps. We have the experience needed to deal with skunks and can ensure that they are removed humanely. This is followed by exclusion work that is guaranteed to keep them from coming back.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Raccoon

Raccoons can cause a great deal of damage to homes and gardens. They will rip off roof shingles and destroy parts of your home just to get inside to find a place to nest. If they manage to get inside, they use insulation to build their nest and leave behind piles of feces and urine. Their feces not only leave a foul odour, but they can contain diseases and parasites too which can cause serious health problems particularly for the young, pregnant, and immunocompromised. Our techniques allow for humane removal of the raccoon. Once they have been removed, we reinforce/repair the areas of your home that have been damaged by the raccoons.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Birds

Birds can cause a real mess. Their droppings can cause serious health problems such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. We will give you the most effective, aesthetically pleasing solutions to ensure a humane removal, and long lasting results.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Wasp Bee Hornet

A sting can be quite painful and sometimes life-threatening. A nest can contain thousands of stinging workers and they often attack in large numbers and can be very territorial. We are well equipped to remove wasps as well as their nest and we guarantee our service. Please ask us about our wasp prevention service to ensure that you have a wasp-free summer!

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can live in the walls of your house and cause severe structural damage. Every year a colony can grow exponentially. Knockout Pest Control locates the nest and uses tried and tested techniques that are the safest and most effective in the industry.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Ants

Pavement ants and house ants seem to be everywhere starting in the springtime. They are a nuisance pest and are very difficult to get rid of. Our techniques can safely eliminate your ant problem often in one short visit.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Silverfish

Silverfish are normally found in the humid areas of your home. They cause destruction in your home by feasting on carpet, books, boxes, and stored food. Treatments are safe and very effective.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Cockroach

Each female can carry 30-48 eggs and can produce this many young every six weeks. This means that with only 2 generations born, there can be 10,000 offspring each year! They can carry disease-causing organisms such as Salmonella on their body parts which then could contaminate any food, food contact surfaces, plates, and utensils, on which they walk on.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Spider

Are you constantly walking through spider webs, or just scared of spiders? Spiders treatments are typically done for basements, crawl spaces, attics, empty houses, back yards and walkways. Treatments are quick and safe.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Fly Flies

It is likely that whatever a fly has landed on, (your arm, your food, glass, etc.), it just came from feasting on trash, manure, or other human waste as flies like to breed and feed on waste. At least 65 diseases have been associated with house flies. They are more prevalent in the spring and summer and a female egg can lay 2000 eggs within a month.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Earwig

Earwigs can enter your home and squeeze into cracks and crevices which makes them difficult to eradicate. They may inflict a painful pinch with their forceps if handled improperly and can also squirt a foul-smelling liquid if they feel threatened.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Wood Louse

Commonly referred to as wood bugs or pill bugs, these are actually an isopod crustacean. They are usually found in decaying wood or crawling around in you basement. Woodlouse is a nuisance pest and can quickly and safely be treated.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Grain Pantry Beetle

These beetles are typically found in pantries, food processing areas or warehouses. They attack grains, cereals, pastas, etc. Sometimes these pests aren’t noticed right away and a treatment is necessary. Contact us for a quote.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles maybe noticed in their larvae stage or adult stage. Larvae would be noticed under baseboards, furniture, even air ducts. It can take 249-354 days to 3 years for a carpet beetle to grow from an egg to an adult. Have your home treated and avoid damage done by the larvae.

Knockout Pest Control Vancouver Moth

Moths can cause devastating damage to valuable heirlooms and clothing. Pantry moths can infest various food items and become a real nuisance. Both types of moth can reproduce very quickly and spread to other areas of your home.

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