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“I finally did the right thing by calling Ryan from Knockout Pest Control. He was very informative he educated us about mice behaviour and how to help him resolve the issue. His approach was not that of covering up the problem but rather figuring out why we have the problem in the first place. Ryan helped us to understand why our basement attracted the mice to share the space with us. His approach for catching the mice was calculated and he knew exactly what would work and what wouldn’t in my house. Ryan’s executional strategy worked and we caught a mouse, Hooray!..”
“Ryan is an extremely professional and knowledgeable guy. He seems very interested in providing customers with the best value. He answered all my questions, explained the equipment used, offered me several options, and even pointed me at storefront locations to buy the extra equipment I needed — in his words, he could sell me gear, but it’s cheaper to buy it myself. How’s that for you?? No up-selling or pushing his services!
I would recommend KPC to anyone.”
Mike W , Vancouver, BC
“We have had a mouse problem for a couple years now and no exterminator has been as great as Ryan has. Ryan came & spent almost 2 hours at the house where he inspected every inch of our home (inside and out). He inspected every area I had seen droppings or previous mice. He was extremely knowledgeable about mice activity (possible routes of entry, ways to help prevent, materials to use to fill holes etc.). Having dealt with multiple exterminators before, I have never seen service like this. He has continued to come back for follow ups & each time he is here, feels like the first time.. “
Sang J, Vancouver, BC
“I was extremely satisfied with the service at Knockout, Ryan was great, very friendly, thorough and explaining things very well and answered all of my questions and most importantly did a great job. He was also able to squeeze an appointment in for me on short notice. I really cant recommend him enough, i normally don’t bother reviewing people online but just had to as Ryan was so great compared to service you normally get in the Vancouver area, my husband also had only great things to say as he met Ryan for our follow up appointment.”
Rachel P, Vancouver, BC
“I had a minor issue with yellow jackets gathering and presumably building a nest around my house, and there was a cluster close to the front door. I was pretty worried that they were building a nest right above my door and wanted urgent service. Ryan (the manager) was able to come within the hour (during the evening) to inspect the house and treat the problem. He was courteous and reassuring. He offered to take a look around the entire house and even noticed additional hives, which he promptly took care of. Will definitely call Knockout Pest Control the next time I have a pest problem.”
Martin C, Burnaby, BC
“Have to agree with all the 5 star ratings. Contacted Ryan to take care of a silverfish problem in my townhouse. He responded in a reasonable time to my email inquiry and phone calls which was greatly appreciated. Very professional when he came to my home. Even took the time to point out some simple maintenance issues that would help prevent future problems like trimming a tree back that squirrels could use to access my roof and a small gap in my garage door seal that mice could use to access my garage. You can tell he is truly invested in his profession and not just making a sale. Highly recommended.”
Anita P, Vancouver, BC
“Ryan was extremely professional and friendly. After reading rave reviews on yelp, I contacted him about a wasp issue. He explained over the phone the cost (less than $100) and we booked a visit within 2 days. He called in advance that he was running a bit later than expected, which was not a problem. I showed him where we suspected the hive was (not visible). I asked questions and he was more than willing to answer all questions without my feeling rushed. It only took about 20-25 mins. I had major concerns with my toddler and the spray etc, but Ryan assured me it was safe and as he has a toddler of his own, I knew he understood my concerns. He also provided a wasp thingy for outside where my little one plays to keep wasps away in the play area, which was not necessary and much appreciated. The charge was exactly as expected, no hidden fees. I have not seen any wasps since, but nevertheless Ryan had guaranteed he would come back if there were any wasps remaining. I am very impressed and highly recommend him. Glad to have seen the rave reviews before making a decision of who to contact.”
JJ L, Vancouver, BC

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